IPSJ / Jakarta Bikers Club was started in 1989 by a group of local riders who loved the sport of bicycling. They met every Sunday at 07.00 at National Monument (Monas) and went around the City of Jakarta on their bikes.
In 1993 as the group expanded, they formalized  themselves under the name of Ikatan Penggemar Olahra Sepeda Jakarta (IPSJ) / Jakarta Cycling Club and was confirmed by Surat Keputusan Ikatan Sport Sepeda Indonesia (ISSI) Pengurus Daerah Jakarta.
As years went by, and more events were held, at a member’s meeting on April 27 2005, it was first raised the issue of changing the abbreviation of IPSJ to Ikatan Penggiat Olahraga Sepeda Jakarta.