IPSJ was formed in 1989 by a group of people, passionate about cycling. Every Sunday at 7am, they would start from Tugu Monas and ride around town.
In time, they added Saturday rides in their schedule. They named themselves Ikatan Pencinta Sepeda Jakarta ( IPSJ ) / Jakarta Bikers Club, coordinated by Robert Gorlitz, Ismoejanto (RIP), Tri Suharto (RIP), and Perry H Josohadisoerjo. In 1993 as the group expanded, they formalized themselves under the name of Ikatan Penggemar olahraga Sepeda Jakarta (IPSJ) / Jakarta Cycling Club, and was confirmed by Surat Keputusan Ikatan Sport Sepeda Indonesia (ISSI) Pengurus Daerah Jakarta dated April 23 1994.
As years went by, the organization began to focus more on regional and international touring enthusiasts. Therefore on April 27, 2005 member’s meeting, the changing of the abbreviation IPSJ was raised for the first time.
The next step was to legalized the establishment of IPSJ, certified by Mohamad Rifat Tadjoedin, SH, dated September 29, 2005. IPSJ was from that day forwaed known as Ikatan Penggiat Olahraga Sepeda Jakarta / Jakarta Cycling Club.
In 1997, IPSJ was trusted by Pengurus Besar ISSI to be the Indonesian Success Team during the South East Asia Game (SEAGAME) in Jakarta.
Continued to thrive, again, Pengurus Besar ISSI gave the opportunity to IPSJ BOD to host the 11th Asian Mountain Bike Championship in Pecatu Indah Resort – Bali on Agustus 18 – 21 2005.